In Dragon Ball GT at the age of 47 (before the wish by Shenron turning him to a little kid), Goku has finished training Uub, and they have just finished testing their abilities against one another in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. 4 Chiaotzu - 3 times This oft-forgotten little guy has died four times in the history of Dragon Ball and came back … At the end of GT I think he merges with one of the dragons from the BSDB and then flies away. Because Piccolo died, so did Kami, and so the Dragon Balls turned to stone. Soon after, an accidental wish by Emperor Pilaf transforms Goku back into a child. Votes: 9,350 Gohan thankfully grows up to be a decent person, which may be due to the fact that Goku isn't present in his life. And due to this, in the farewell tour, Goku was able to go to hell to meet Piccolo. The wish was made on the Black Star Dragon Balls. When Planet Namek explodes, Goku is presumed dead and Chichi is heartbroken but is reminded Goku can be bought back with the Dragon Balls. Goku ends up fighting against Frieza who, after Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan, is unable to win and decides to blow the Planet up. And in the ending of Dragon Ball GT, Goku meets Goku junior and disappears. However, Goku actually chose to remain dead in an effort to keep earth safe. After a pause, the reformed villain makes the selfless wish to revive all of the universes that lost throughout the tournament, citing Goku’s pure heart as influencing his decision. After Shenron revived Goku, he must have given his memory back and I think Shenron made him immortal and given him a god soul because of his good deeds. Goku returned from defeating Frieza in episode 121 of season four after Trunks chopped Frieza into pieces and blasted him along with his father King Cold And I think thats it. Now Goku and Vegeta must track down the cause of this uproar. Later before Buu's saga, he's granted 1 day to come back to participate in the World Martial Arts Tournament. Dragonball Z is an anime about the Saiyan, Goku, and his allies, the Z Fighters, including his son, Gohan, who battle to defend Earth from villains, some of whom seek the Dragonballs to wish for immortality. The universe is thrown into dimensional chaos as the dead come back to life. Goku actually comes back to life for the second time in the Buu saga because the elder Kai gives him his life… Everyone else is transported to Earth and Chichi eagerly greets Gohan. He later returns before the Cell saga, where he dies again (2nd time) after being blown up with Cell. Director: Shigeyasu Yamauchi | Stars: Masako Nozawa, Ryô Horikawa, Takeshi Kusao, Daisuke Gôri. Frieza may have finally been able to beat Goku if Whis did not go back into the past three minutes, which allowed Goku to use a God Kamehameha to send him back to Hell. After the Cell Saga, Gohan's upbringing is left in the hands of Chi-Chi. Remember that Piccolo was one of the people that the androids killed. After Goku dies (1st time) by Piccolo he's revived by the Dragonballs, he then defeats Frieza during Nameks explosion, but doesn't die. We learn that Android 17’s wish has restored Grand Zeno’s faith in all of the universes and, had 17 made a selfish wish, Zeno would have simply erased everything. 1: Fight against Radditz - got hit by special beam cannon while holding Raditz 2: Fight Against cell - blown up along with king kai's planet when cell self destructed.I still dont get why he didnt just take cell there and then come back, but oh well. There are two separate dubs of the original anime, plus a reboot loyal to the manga, called Dragon Ball Z Kai.