The king of all street foods. Dubbed “Mexico City Street Food Essentials,” the tour took The Astronomer … May 24, 2017 - One of the highlights of our Mexico City jaunt was a street food tour with Club Tengo Hambre ($90 per person). I didn’t forget you, dear tacos. Locals love their street food as much as the next person, so where better to go for the cuisine than this Latin American hotspot? Vendors dot the sidewalks and street corners all over the city. Club Tengo Hambre, San Ysidro Picture: DF Street Food Essentials Mexico City Street Food Tour - Check out Tripadvisor members' 763 candid photos and videos. One of the best known is, of course, Mexico City. Tacos. Mexico City is a place where you’ll see exactly what street food is meant to be, and how it’s meant to be enjoyed. Mexico City Street Food: A Beginner’s Guide takes you into the heart of the Cuauhtémoc neighborhood, home to Mexico City’s stock exchange and its various foreign embassies. First on our list of Mexican street food, considered the most iconic of Mexican cuisine and certainly the most consumed food in Mexico. From squash blossoms and “corn smut” to the heartiest sandwich you've ever eaten, Mexico City’s street vendors have something to satisfy nearly any craving. Topping the Forbes rankings for best street food, Mexico is a haven for food junkies who love to try something new and preferably spicy. Street food takes on a whole different meaning in Mexico, and especially in the capital. Mexico is one of the best countries in the world for street food, but just like the rest of Mexican food, street foods in Mexico vary according to the region.You’ll find different specialties depending on the destination, but a few staples are found throughout the country, and some are worth traveling to try in their place of origin. Al pastor tacos are widely considered the emblematic food of Mexico City… Rules to Live By Most of all, in every corner of every city you will most probably find a taco place. Club Tengo Hambre, San Diego Picture: DF Street Food Essentials Mexico City Street Food Tour - Check out Tripadvisor members' 50,114 candid photos and videos of Club Tengo Hambre With over 50 percent of the Mexican population eating street food at least weekly, this isn’t just a traveler oriented market. Like everything else on this list, tacos are essential to try in Mexico City and come in so many flavors. Probably thousands. With street food there are no hard and fast rules per se, but there are certain, let’s say, generalities that the nascent street food eater should know about before they hit the stands of Mexico City. Tacos are simple to make, cheap and quick to get. Here are the telltale signs, the ingredient explanations and the no-rules “rules” of eating street food in Mexico’s capital. Hands-down my favorite street food in all of Mexico City, tlacoyos are eye-shaped discs of blue corn masa stuffed and then cooked on a comal, a large, open-air griddle. With so many hungry office workers—and dozens of outdoor stands to feed them—it’s a perfect place to explore the city’s vibrant street food scene.